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Betsy Orient Bernfeld

Writer, Librarian, Lawyer

New Release!

Dec. 20, 2023

A humorous
environmental love story
the Henry David Thoreau
of the Southwest.

Available NOW from

The history is ours

and it burns.

To begin to believe.



Can the tree sense the ease

of her transfigured hand,

her luminous fingers,

her breath whispering

across the hardened face

like the flutter of a bird?

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Betsy Bernfeld is a librarian, lawyer and writer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She is recipient of the 2020 Wyoming Arts Council’s Poetry Fellowship and is author of two volumes of poetry, Eve (2018) and The Cathedral Is Burning (2021).

The Journal of Henry David Tarantula is Betsy’s first novel, released this fall from Winter Goose Press. It was shortlisted in the 2016 Santa Fe Writer’s Project and a finalist in the 2017 New Rivers Press Many Voices Project.

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